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A Vet Visit for Miss Cherry

    Meet Black Cherry. Unfortunately this isn't going to be like the normal "Meet [insert cute dairy cow name here] from our milking herd". Cherry came to us less than 2 weeks ago, Amish owned and heavily pregnant. The owners were moving towards the north side of Michigan and couldn't take everyone with them. After just 2 days with us, she gave birth to a handsome little bull (Ferdinand), but something just wasn't quite right. Her ears were droopy, she was very dehydrated, and very weak. 

    After giving her some calcium and herbs to help with everything after calving, she started showing signs of illness. The days went by and although her calf was doing great, Cherry just wasn't seeming like a normal cow. Fast forward to today, and we had to call the vet. She now has diarrhea, blood and mucus in her poo, her milk production dropped, she won't eat or drink, has a snotty nose and is getting weaker by the day. We had to call it. The vet was on their way.

    Now as much as I would love to say the vet helped, I would be lying to you. In this instance, Unfortunately,  the farmers knew more than the vet (and sadly this is a common occurrence). The Vet came out hours later to tell us that our cow was healthy and nothing was wrong with her 😳. Apparently these vets weren't as knowledgeable as we were hoping. This cow is very sick and about to go down (too weak to stand is a very bad thing for a cow and if not helped right away, could prove fatal). 

    No matter how many times we tried to show them the signs, they dismissed it because "we were too small of a dairy" and they tried to tell us to get ahold of a larger dairy to get more milk by using their medicated feed (full of chemicals). We dont need more milk, we need a healthy cow. We tried to inform them that our cows are on a feed ration used for 4 generations and have never had any issues. The other cows are fat and healthy . We know when our cows are sick because we pay attention to them, know every one of them by name and personality, even the new ones, and with Farmer Andy growing up as a 4th generation farmer, he knows exactly what to look for in a healthy cow. Cherry was not acting like a healthy cow. The vets left us with a hefty vet bill an no answers.... back to the drawing board. It's time to find out what's going on with poor Miss Cherry. 

    Farmer Andy has a few more home remedies up his sleeve from the passed down knowledge his Father gave him, now that he realizes he cannot count on the Vet or Modern medicine to help Cherry feel better. Tonight, she will get a hefty dose of Pepto Bismol to coat her stomach, and a few more herbs and salves, along with some iv fluids to keep her hydrated during such a difficult time. Cheyenne also said she is going to read her a "get better story" tonight while we tuck her in. 

    Updates on Black Cherry to follow as we keep her in our prayers, and do everything we can to bring her back to her good self again. 

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