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Bring it on, 2020!

Things have been super busy here on the farm. With Spring just around the corner, it's the busiest time of the year for Endless Meadows. We have been working day and night on things like:

  • Starting seeds indoors
  • Turning Compost
  • Taking care of pregnant animals
  • Planning this years garden and harvest schedule
  • Ordering a whole years worth of certified organic seed
  • Passing out flyers for our Farm Shares
  • Planning yearly donations and charities (Yup, We Do That)
  • Getting our Aquaponics system planned out and ordered
  • Building a new walk in cooler and wash room, to ensure clean, healthy veggies
  • Putting the final touches on the milking barn
  • and so, so much more.

As you can tell, this time of year gets pretty hectic. But I will assure you, we love every minute of it. What makes it even better? The fact that we get to bring you the finest foods Michigan has to offer. 

I cant wait to see all of your faces again this year at the farmers market. As usual, I will be happy to answer all of your questions right there. How cool is that? You get to talk to your very own farmer, every week, year round. New to the farm family? Even Better! We love new faces and getting to know you all on a personal level. That is what we are here for. Farming to feed the families of West Michigan. 

The new year brings new plans. Things like Draft horse power, Market Garden, CSAs, Dairy, meat, and so much more. Join us at the Farmers Market to learn more.

This year has a lot of plans and I really hope we can get to them all. Imagine all the possibilities. This blog, though new, will hold many great adventures here on the farm. All the good moments, and even the not so good. I may even end up throwing in a few "nailed it" photos along the way, as farming proves to us, on a number of times, that failure is just a part of life. Lots of failure hahaha.

We invite you to subscribe to our blog, subscribe to our monthly newsletter, and follow the adventures. Through toil, mud, and lots of laughs, we are ready to take this year on and take you with us - It will almost be like you are there yourself, but without the heat or mud (You get to watch from the comforts of your own home - Lucky You). 

Well? What are you waiting for? Signup for our Farm Shares, Meet us every week at the farmers market, oh, and dont forget to signup at the bottom of the page to get our monthly newsletters. We cant wait to see whats in store for 2020.

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