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"Organic" Matters

Why you want Organic

Brokaw Family Farms understands the importance of Organic Certified Foods and is in the Process of becoming Organic Certified

In conventional farming, you never know what could be in, or on, your food. Farmers can spray harmful chemicals and pesticides on their crops, give their animals antibiotics and steroid hormones, and use GMO's (genetically modified organisms) all without letting you know that these could be potentially harmful to your family.

Organic farmers are prohibited, by federal law, to do any of these.

Organic Certification ensures that farmers maintain the strictest organic practices possible. Farmers are only allowed to use organic seed, feed, and growing practices that are safe for the environment as well as healthy for your family. Growing standards and processes are reviewed annually to ensure the highest quality when it comes to your food.

The organic system is voluntary. No consumer is forced to purchase organic foods, and no farmer is required to be certified organic. But farmers who choose to be certified have to meet high standards, and are expected to produce the highest quality food with the consumers health in mind. Yearly farm inspections are also in place to protect the consumer and ensure the farmer is meeting the standards for organic certification. Not only are organic farmers prohibited by law from using synthetic materials such as pesticides and animal drugs, but also they are required to build the health of the soil, to protect water quality, and be part of a more sustainable food system.