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Medicinal Herb CSA
Medicinal Herb CSA

Medicinal Herb CSA

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  • Seasonal or monthly share of 5 tinctures, teas, salts, salves, lotions, dried herbs, extracts and more, made from herbs grown right here on the farm, using natural and bio-intensive farming methods. Each herb is harvested by hand and dried carefully to preserve nutrients and medicinal potency. Herbs are chosen to help ailments commonly found in each season.
    • Seasonal Centers of Attention:
      • Fall: Immunity Support, Detox and Cleansing
      • Winter: Cold and Flu Care, Warming
      • Spring: Allergy Care, Liver Support and Inviting new life
      • Summer: Calming, Cooling and First Aid
    • Monthly involves all seasonal as well as what is harvested that month, as well as preparations to support specific ailments.
  • Guide to help you make the most of each seasonal herbal CSA, with directions for every herb and it's purpose, dosage information and helpful tips and tricks to help you along your herbal journey.